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Guardians of the Galaxy - review

Guardians of the Galaxy - review

Aug 8, 2014 Film & TV

If you can look past the camera that lingers on Zoe Saldana’s (incredible) ass, past the mini-skirted assistant enslaved by Benicio del Toro (said assistant gets unceremoniously blown up while a space mutt lives), and past a hero who forgets the names of all the alien ladies he has bedded, you’ll find in Guardians of the Galaxy the closest a superhero blockbuster movie has yet come to embracing the breadth of its film-going audience. Raccoons and trees in the audience will be especially pleased at their on-screen representation. Brilliant one-liners, hilarious comic pauses, ridiculous plot twists and a stunning honeycomb spaceship formation add to the enjoyment.

It’s not perfect – our hero is running from grief, really, and any sincere moment is undercut with a cheap gag – but by Hollywood standards Guardians of the Galaxy is stratospherically more delightful to sit through than most studio twaddle. Me and my eleven year old buddy were as entertained as each other, and we’re a tough crowd.

Best hair-do: Glenn Close’s Dairy Whip victory curls

Best use of song in outer-space: The Runaways’ Cherry Bomb