Etxeberria, new Spanish-Mexican influenced pop-up opens

Former Beirut, Mexico and Oaken executive chef Javier Carmona embarks on an exciting new “permanent pop-up” at Avondale cafe Woodworks.

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What exactly is a “permanent pop-up”?
 I’ve been looking for a suitable site for a restaurant since the end of last year. Matt [Gosset, co-owner of Woodworks] sounded me out for a possible pop-up, and I thought, why not create something of a more permanent offering, opening three days a week.

What kind of food will Etxeberria be serving?
It will have Spanish and Mexican influences with a focus on that first contact – that wonderful discovery of new ingredients and how both cultures have evolved their respective cuisines as a result.

What excites you about Woodworks as a venue?
It’s a beautiful warehouse conversion and I am really excited to be activating that space in the evenings. It’s great that you can have two totally different offerings executed from the same venue. I’m also excited to contribute to the food offerings of my own neighbourhood.

Will the evenings be ticketed?
Evenings will be a short à-la-carte menu affair, with the focus on quality rather than quantity. Bookings and walk-ins will be welcome. Although the concept may be transient, we want to create the feeling of familiarity and locality to present a sense of permanence, hence the words “permanent pop-up”.

Etxeberria @Woodworks, Thu–Sat evenings from 16 Feb, 1790 Great North Rd