Get the scoop on the best dairy-free ice cream

Get the scoop
Stacking up some of summer’s best dairy-free scoops

With complementary warm-weather colours from Resene

Joshua’s Ice Cream

Black Doris Plum Sorbet

AUT-trained chef and ice cream-maker Joshua Jones wanted every scoop of this sorbet to taste like the most perfectly ripe plums you can imagine. Made with the finest Hawke’s Bay fruit, it does.

Kohu Road

Mango Sorbet

The simplicity of Kohu Road’s mango sorbet is what makes it great: made with only mango, water, sugar and lemon, the tropical fruit really shines. We also love the velvety texture – it’s easy to forget there’s no dairy.

Little Island Creamery

Chocolate Raspberry

Tommy Holden and James Crow’s coconut ice cream recipes were developed first for their children, and are pretty crowd-pleasing as a result. Here, an easy-scoop coconut base is simply rippled with raspberry sauce and generous dark chocolate chunks. It’s definitely a two-scoop flavour, and vegan to boot!

Oob Organic

Blueberry Sorbet

For Robert and Shannon Auton’s original blueberry sorbet, Omaha and Chilean berries are smooshed with sugar, water and lemon juice before being churned and frozen. Allow to warm ever so slightly before eating for a refreshing, slightly slushy texture.


Coconut Matcha

A pure green tea taste is the drawcard for this vegan ice cream, alongside its smooth texture. Not too sweet, but still creamy, this ice cream is likely to appeal to both health afficionados and the gluttonous.

Duck Island

Strawberry, Coconut and Kaffir Lime

This Hamilton-based creamery peddles their ice cream tubs in supermarkets around the country. While the vegan options are coconut-based, they lack any overpowering nut taste thanks to premium fruit and aromatics being infused before freezing. Here, sweet strawberries are offset by a pleasingly fragrant hit of kaffir lime.