The Rise: Parnell's new eco-friendly food hub

The Rise: a new food hub

Leah La Hood from Blu Realty, the hospitality leasing specialist, has turned her attention to Parnell and The Rise (100 Parnell Road), an eco-friendly food hub with new openings joining already established cafe Winona Forever – and more to come. 

Kaiaroha (above)

Alara Varnel likes to do things properly, especially when it comes to vegan cooking. She’d been running a small production kitchen on the North Shore making nut cheese and other vegan products to sell at various farmers markets for five years when the building sold. With the help of friend and cafe manager Ara Marinkovich, Varnel has now opened a fully vegan cafe and deli stocking cheese, vegan charcuterie, sweets, salads, pies, butters, sauces and almost anything else you could imagine. Kaiaroha’s organic nut cheese will be kept in a temperature-controlled cheese cave.


An ex-Merediths chef goes solo

Once named as one of Auckland’s most influential Korean chefs, Kwangmin Baek, formerly of Merediths, is striking out on his own with a new restaurant. At Han, modern French technique meets New Zealand ingredients and Korean flavours. It’s fusion, but not as you know it.

Shaka Bowl

Poke for Parnell

Surf’s up in Parnell with the opening of a second outpost of popular High Street poke bar, Shaka Bowl. They’re serving the same marinated raw fish (or tofu) salads with rice, and a selection of cold drinks here, but there are whispers of catering starting soon, too – just in time for summer.

The building

The Geyser building, designed by architect Andrew Patterson, is New Zealand’s only six-green-star-rated eco building – an award given by the New Zealand Green Building Council which honours forward thinking and commitment to protecting the enviroment. The building requires one-third less energy than a conventional building of a similar size, thanks to solar water heating. It has a rainwater harvesting system, grey water recycling, and waste management programmes including BYO cups, indoor gardens, and composting.

Worm farms and composting

To divert as much rubbish from landfill as possible, there are 21 worm farms hidden below ground, with a dedicated team of worm-babysitters contracted by Hungry Bins to care for them.

Clever car park

A futuristic, computer-operated carpark offers 50 guest parks. Industrial scales weigh your car on arrival before floor lights guide you to a doorway which you drive into. Then, hop out of your car, exit the doorway, and a robot stacking machine stacks your car underground. Swipe your ticket and your car will be un-stacked and returned to you via the same door you entered through.


An inward-facing courtyard, planted with mostly natives, has been designed in collaboration with Terry Curtis. The Rise is believed to be home to New Zealand’s only completely native living wall.


Tenants have been selected for their commitment to using only fair trade, free-range, sustainable and organic products.

100 Parnell Rd, Parnell