Electronic music duo SACHI on how they create their beat

Electronic duo SACHI, aka Nick Chrisp and Will Thomas, were plugged by Diplo back in 2015. Now, the 19-year-olds are poised to be the next big thing.

In the early days of mixing sounds, Nick Chrisp and Will Thomas used music sharing platform SoundCloud to get their tunes out into the world. That was in 2015, when they boldly handed mega-producer Diplo a USB and he ended up playing their single ‘No More’ on his radio show.

Now, just two years later, a lot has changed: the electronic, pop-sounding duo have a string of singles under their belt, a fresh EP and are set to play this summer’s festival circuit.

Having met in primary school, they’ve been writing and playing music in their bedrooms for most of their teenage years. “Pretty much everything we’ve learnt has been from YouTube tutorials or working it out as we go along,” says Thomas.

Music duo Sachi learned their trade from YouTube tutorials or "as we went along". Photo / Rebekah Robinson

They’re best friends and business partners and technology is the key player in their practice. “All we need is our laptops, really,” says Thomas.

“Our entire sound is technology, it’s all electronic.” It’s fitting, then, that they’ve partnered with HP. Their HP Spectre is a one-stop-shop to getting their music out to their ever-growing fan base.

The duo’s main goal is keeping things fresh, always bringing a new soundscape to the game. “If we can make something that’s so original and fresh and our own, and it gets widely consumed by lots of people, that’s really the goal,” says Chrisp.

“Yeah, that’s the forever goal,” agrees Thomas.

The pair say their HP Spectre is a one-stop-shop to getting their music out. Photo / Rebekah Robinson

Growing up, they were inspired by artists such as Flume, Chet Faker and Touch Sensitive. But in keeping with constantly reinventing their sounds, their music tastes have changed too. “Now, we’re more into dudes like Chromeo and our sound’s become more groovy,” says Thomas.

“I feel like with songs like ‘Hold On’ [from the EP Lunch with Bianca] and stuff like that, we were layering stuff just for the sake of it, because we didn’t know how to make things sound bigger, essentially.”

This summer, the pair will be playing at Gisborne’s Rhythm and Vines and Mount Maunganui’s Bay Dreams and will be filling in the rest of the time in the studio. A new EP will be on its way next year and in June, the duo will fly to the US to make their mark.